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General Information
Moles are normally found in soft moist soil. This soil is normally found in pastures, forested areas, gardens and lawns; Your lawns. If it were not for this last fact you probably would not be on this website looking up information. Evidence of moles in your lawn or flower beds is usually a rounded cones of dirt at spaced intervals. In cases of bark dust or very wet sod they can push up a crease the length of the very shallow tunnel. Normal tunnel depth is 4-8 inches below the surface. The mounds are nothing more than emptying out their tunnels and the tunnels are mostly just looking for food. The Northwest has two types of moles: The larger Townsend's mole and the smaller Coast mole. The main difference between the two is size. The reason this becomes important is, the larger they are the more they eat. The smaller the mole, the more difficult it is to catch. The diet of the mole consists primarily of earthworms, grubs and other underground insects. Their secondary diet consists of plant bulbs and other plant matter. Personal experience indicates a high number of tulip bulbs missing in action in areas of mole activity. Moles are solitary creatures except during the brief spring mating season. Other than this time period, they are very territorial and will fight over food. They will fight until one retreats or is killed.
How do you get rid of moles?
The common questions asked of me are "How do you get rid of moles?" "Why are they in my yard and not my neighbors?" and, "Will they come back?" Why moles are in some yards and not others has some scientific basis and some just plain bad luck. People who take good care of their lawns, have good soil or have wooded areas or green spaces behind their homes are the most likely to get moles. Other factors are topography or the dreaded construction in the neighborhood. I have also been in very hard rocky lousy soil with moles that might have just plain got lost in their search for the greener grass on your side of the fence. Will they come back? The answer is, it is always a possibility. If it has been a short time since the last time they were there, it will likely be a short time before they will come back. If it has been a long time, the same is true; it will likely be a long time until they return. They do slow down considerably in the winter rainy season. How do you get rid of moles? There are many methods that have been tried and are for sale. The experts from many extension offices and most mole trappers agree; traps are by far the most effective way. Some of the popular attempts are gas bombs, ultrasonic transmitters, poisons, and too many home remedies to mention. Most of the methods results range from temporarily chasing them away to nothing but a waste of time and money. I will however address the "drowning with the garden hose method". 99% of the time you make it easier for the mole to dig and attract more food so if you use this method; the mole thanks you.
East Side Mole Works Services
I offer the most effective method, mole trapping. I offer one month, or multi-month service based on your needs. One month is usually sufficient to take care of most problems. I also offer lessons alone or along with service for the do it yourselfer.
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